Northampton Vehicle Dismantlers

Northampton Vehicle Dismantlers
14a Martins Yard
Spencer Bridge Road

Northampton Vehicle Dismantlers are leading vehicle recycling specialists. Trading as a breakers scrap yard since 1978, we have built a solid and reliable reputation for scrapping vehicles and providing second hand engines and used car parts. Located on Spencer Bridge, Northampton, NVD stock a wide range of cars and vans with spares of all ages. As an ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility) we can dispose of your vehicle within the correct guidelines provided by DVLA. Whether your car is too old or has failed MOT, NVD will give you the maximum scrap weight price for your vehicle. With 100+ cars passing through our gates each week, NVD are able to stock a wide variety of second hand car engines and used car car parts. Second hand vehicle spares including suspensions, exterior panels, interiors. wheels, starter motors, alternators and exhaust systems are all available to buy and be fitted on site. Northampton Vehicle Dismantlers have been breaking the nations cars since 1978. With years of experience and Northampton’s largest vehicle recycling yard, NVD is the best place to scrap your vehicle. We provide fair scrap prices for your vehicle.

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